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WENTITREL selects its supply partners very carefully based on ability to provide competitive pricing, demonstrate robust levels of service and offer technical or professional advice to clients as required. All are consistently benchmarked against their respective competitors to ensure that they remain best-of-breed.


The track records of all supply partners used by WENTITREL speak for themselves. All can demonstrate unparalleled success in winning and retaining business – the one true commercial acid test. If any supply partner begins to falter on those high standards, WENTITREL will be the first to know and appropriate action will be taken to rectify the problems or a new supply partner will be identified.


You will always have a contractual relationship with any supply partners introduced to you by WENTITREL. Nothing will be left to ‘best endeavours’ and informal standards. Contracted service levels with clear pricing and documented account management obligations will be the cornerstones of your arrangements with that supply partner. You will have the contractual right to walk away if they fail you.


Please be clear; WENTITREL does not supply any of the solutions it recommends. Therefore, its reputation to deliver cost-effective, robust supply arrangements is entirely dependent upon the performance of its selected supply partners. WENTITREL is only as good as its supply partners - if that reputation is tarnished by supply partner failure, it would be very damaging. All supply partners have an umbrella trading agreement with WENTITREL and there is no compromise on continual review, benchmarking and monitoring of contract performance. You are assured of the best solution

for your needs.



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