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At WENTITREL, we pride ourselves in delivering quality service with exceptional results.


Beginning as a family-owned business since 2001, WENTITREL was born out of career-long purchasing expertise honed in several market sectors. WENTITREL is driven by a conviction that all organisations, no matter in which market sector, could and should benefit from its focused proven purchasing and supplier management skills across a range of common goods and other services.


Based in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Provicne- China, but with clients in every corner of the globe, WENTITREL has developed a very strong presence in the Aluminum and Machinery

industry where clients include both manufacturers and retailer groups. But do not be misled; it also has clients in many other market sectors, some of whom have been clients since inception. Most of the goods and services in which WENTITREL specialises are truly common across industry boundaries, so the benefits of working with WENTITREL 

are enjoyed by many different types of businesses. WENTITREL has various examples of the current client base, from FTSE-listed to SME, but please feel free to ask if you require more information or comfort about the ability of WENTITREL to understand your business and meet your needs.


The specialist team at WENTITREL is small enough to provide the very personal service that all clients deserve. However, WENTITREL is currently responsible for supply solutions totalling over £35 million per annum on behalf of its collective client base. So, as a client, you will feel as though the interaction with WENTITREL is like dealing with your own internal purchasing team, but you will know that you are benefiting from a purchasing leverage that your organisation alone could not muster in these areas of expenditure.


You would be very welcome to pay a visit to the Wenzhou offices of WENTITREL to meet with the team and obtain a more detailed explanation of the business model.



WENTITREL is directly with most of the 
well know Container vessel across 
China and have logistics resources evolving dock, storage, trailer and customs clearance. Therefore we take care of all your shipping needs from logistics to packaging to delivery to scheduled carriers.


Our clients can buy anything anywhere in China, and we will organize the pickup and the shipment.


Wenzhou Terrence International Trade, Import & Export Co. Ltd is a Purchasing agency, 
import & export, Commodity Inspection and other relative services. 


The processes employed by WENTITREL are designed to minimise the disruption to you. 
You just need to provide the data required and then you can leave it to WENTITREL to find the products and benefits for you while you get on with managing your day-today business 

operations. A purchasing review should not impede your normal working day, and it will not do so.


WENTITREL takes the raw data and information provided by your organisation and analyses your current expenditure across a range of agreed commonly-bought products and services. This is then cross-compared with best-of-breed supply solutions from

supply partners that have been hand-picked by WENTITREL. Where

potential savings or service level improvements are identified, these

will be presented in a clear, succinct report back to you. You are under

no obligations at that point.


If you decide to proceed with us, WENTITREL will introduce you to the relevant

supply partner and facilitate the resultant contract between you. It will be your direct contract with the supply partner, on your agreed terms and to your specification – so you will retain full contractual control throughout the relationship. As you would expect, WENTITREL remains 
involved as a facilitator or intermediary if needed during the contract term, but it has no contractual involvement in the relationship. Above all, WENTITREL will want to ensure that 
you are happy with your new supply arrangements because the intention is to form a relationship with your organisation that grows over many years.

It is entirely usual for new clients to WENTITREL to try the service on a range of 3 or 4 goods and services in the first instance. As confidence grows in the agency’s ability to deliver cost-effective solutions, those clients are happy to include many more areas of expenditure. 

From Agricultural Products to Automobile, Metallurgy to Chemicals, Rubber & Plastics, Electrical Equipment to Components & Telecommunication,  Machinery to Industrial Parts & Tools as well as General Merchandise there is a vast array to explore.


You will never be charged anything by WENTITREL for the service provided to your organisation. The formal proposals presented to you by WENTITREL in conjunction with its 
supply partners will show the all-inclusive costs and prices that you will pay; there are no hidden extra costs or payments.



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