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AL 99.7%
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Primary Aluminum Ingot 92.74%


We are a leading integrated producer of value-added primary aluminum ingot.


With extensive experience in scrap metal purchasing as per our quality specifications, Wentitrel Aluminum scrap yard purchases various grades of aluminum scrap and other materials to be recycled and converted into ingots.

Before we start our production process, aluminum scrap needs to be segregated and separated depending on the different types and also be free from other metallic, paper, plastic, cardboard materials, and so on.


The scrap recovered after the segregation is treated according to their quality and analysis. We use computer-controlled selection and mixing of scrap types to ensure that the chemical composition is as close as possible to that of the needed alloy.

The selected aluminum scrap is shredded, de-coated and melted with VORTEX pump in LOTUSS side well furnace.

The molten metal is fed into a holding furnace (converter) and the purification using charge correction, and metal treatment processes are performed.

The molten aluminum is cast into ingots according to specific customer requirements in a continuous casting machine.

Every single charge of the furnace is tested in the laboratory using modern computer-controlled analytical technology equipment 


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