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Primary Aluminum Products


Our supply partner is a leading integrated producer of value-added primary aluminum products.


Our aluminum metal fabrication facility converts molten aluminum into value-added products such as continuous cast rod, extrusion billet and foundry ingot. The fabrication facility has the capacity to produce annually approximately 60 million pounds of rod, used mainly for electrical applications and steel de-oxidation; 86 million pounds of extrusion billet, used mainly for building construction and architectural and transportation applications; and 75 million pounds of foundry ingot, used mainly for transportation. Molten aluminum that is not used in these product lines is produced as primary ingots for transfer to our downstream business or sale to other aluminum fabricators.


The company's aluminum is transported to customers throughout China by rail or truck. Aluminum is also sold to overseas customers, and transported by rail and truck to seaports for placement on oceangoing vessels.


Extrusion Alloys:
• Alloy Families: 1xxx, 4xxx and 6xxx Series Extrusion billet 
• Alloy Chemistry: Widest array of 6xxx series to meet specific customer requirements
• Production Method: Wagstaff AirSlip Casting Technologies, *Maxi-Cast (12”)
• Diameters Offered: 6” through 12”
• Length Capability: 18” Cuts through 288” Logs


High Ductility Alloys:
• Silafont-36 (365.1): High Ductility Alloy for High-Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)
• (Patent Protected Alloy, a trademark of Aluminium Rheinfelden)


Re-Draw Rod:
• Alloys: 1350 (EC-Conductor Grade) and 8176
• Production Method: Continuus-Properzi 
• Diameters: .375”, .470”, and .875”

Primary Ingot:
• 1,500 lb sows


Base Offering:
• P-1020


High Purity Offerings:
• P-0202 P-0303 P-0404
• P-0405 P-0506 P-0610