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Code of Ethics

Wenzhou Terrence International Tade is dedicated to to protect customer's best interest at factories with professional inspection services.


Each of our employees must abide by our Code of Ethics. Anyone who violates this code is subjected to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, as well as legal implications if necessary.


We have an independent team consists of management staff and experienced auditors to make random visits to factories, and regularly interview staff to observe any trace of unethical practice.


General Principles



  • Our services are conducted in an honest, open and professional manner to reflect the truth at all times.

  • Works must be performed according to company policies and local law. No tolerance is given to any violation of law.

  • Under all circumstances, information involved in the services would be kept confidential unless with clients’ specific request and approval to disclose.



  • Employees are prohibited to accept any personal favors offered in hope of impairing the judgment or independence of their work.

  • Employees are not allowed to release any clients' information to any 3rd parties in order to gain or exchange of benefits.

  • Any discovered bribery action will lead to immediate termination of employment.



  • Works are ensured to be performed fairly, consistently and with a high degree of transparency.

  • Report findings should be based on objective criteria rather than with bias or prejudice to favor one party for improper reasons


Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Employees are our valuable assets. We are responsible for providing a healthy and safe workplace, and treat each 

    other with respect.

  • We provide equal employment opportunities regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, age or disable conditions.

     Discrimination is prohibited in our company. All staff are employed to work and advance on the basis of merit,

     ability and potential.



  • We shall explain significant product or service risks, component substitutions or other foreseeable eventualities that could affect clients or their perception of the purchase decision.

  • We are eager to take constructive comments from all parties for betterment of services.

  • We shall reflect problems and difficulties encountered for all parties’ consideration and betterment in advance

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