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Call WENTITREL today and let us do the worrying for you.

Wherever or whenever your shipment crosses a border, Wentitrel's professionals will ensure your filings are accurate, and your paperwork complete, to speed your product to door.

You can leave the details to us.

We happen to think we've got the best people and systems, but those alone don't mean a thing if your shipment is delayed by inaccurate or incomplete paperwork.

Whether you ship by sea, air, or land, you can rely on the experts at WENTITREL to thoroughly prepare the correct documentation and ensure your shipment

travels uninterrupted to its final destination.

Our full service includes our valuable customs package. This allows you to leave all customs paperwork and procedures to us, allowing you to feel confident that all your movements are being dealt by the professionals.

We carry out all the Customs procedures for import, export and transit cargoes including :

  •     Preparing and drawing documents and

  •     certificates necessary for customs clearance

  •     and  cargo customs declaration in particular.

  •     Calculation of customs duties and taxes.

  •     Recovery of duties and taxes.

  •     Assistance in documents formalization

  •     VAT regulations.

  •     Tariff classifications

  •     Consultancy

  •     Physical control of all types of commercial

  •     goods under customs supervision.


Documentation Services

  • Air and ocean bills of lading

  • Notary and legalization

  • Certificates of origin

  • Truck bills of lading and manifests

  • Letters of credit

  • Insurance and banking

  • Export declarations

At WENTITREL, we make it our business to help you do yours.

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