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WENTITREL is an extension to your purchasing department, helping them find the best solution to your needs in the quickest time. With a built -in network of suppliers and can provide you with the merchandise you need.


Let's take for instance, you need to buy clothing, computer accessories, heavy duty machines and office supplies. You would need to deal with at least four different companies and all of the requirements that come with each of these suppliers. You would then have to send four different payments and make four different arrangements for shipping while hoping that everything works out and each company does what it said it would. Instead, you can allow us to deal with these four separate companies and make all of the arrangements for you, saving you time and money.


Additionally, many suppliers in China are hesitant to deal with an overseas company as they see the transaction as risky and more costly to them to transact; they often are also unsure how to ship the merchandise overseas. By making the purchase on your behalf, we can buy and ship your items from these suppliers without the hassle.We provide fast, accurate, and reliable handling of your order with over 100,000 square feet of warehouse facilities located in Guangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo-Zhoushan, Shanghai, Shengzhen and Fujian.


Guangzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo-Zhoushan, Shanghai and Shengzhen are served by more sea-freight companies and airlines than any other port in China.


We have built a solid framework to serve a world market and welcome the opportunity to provide you with anything you need wherever you may be. For example, a refinery in South Africa or a power plant in Germany could call us to purchase parts and we would swiftly serve these companies without hitches, no matter where in the world the client is located.

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We can handle all of your shipping needs and can send merchandise via MAERSK , NDS, PIL, DELMAS , APL , HMM, EVERGREEN, OOCL , COSCO, NORASIA , 

CMA , MSC, CSCL , WANHAI , CSAV, air freight, or courier services. 








We implement our highly rated expertise in handling hazardous material shipments and provide documentation for dangerous goods whiles consolidating our orders and making weekly shipments.


Our team of specialists are available to respond quickly to any requirement, bringing with them a wealth of industry expertise likewise, our links with producers, manufacturers, distributors, shipping agents and freight forwarders ensure rapid negotiation, procurement and transportation.


If you have bought something on your own directly and the supplier is not sure how to transport it, we will make arrangements to have it shipped to you. We have a number of shipping services at our disposal and will intervene with the supplier on your behalf to get your purchase moving and to your door.


For extreme emergencies, we can also provide travel services for the hand delivery of parts that are crucial to the running operation of a client’s plant.

With established links to most ocean and air freight carriers, shipping 

delays is a thing of the past.We provide all the services your shipment 

needs in-house, from inspection to document preparation to 

packaging to delivering the items to the carriers. Our clients can buy 

anything anywhere in China, and we will organize the pickup and the shipping to the client.



The import of a product involves several crucial procedures: Locating the suitable factory, confirming product details and material, production, quality monitoring, packaging and label marking, then finally the loading of goods for delivery.


Overseas importers may not be able to supervise every process. WENTITREL, as an Independent intervention, offers a one-stop service to assist them in selecting the ideal factory whilst monitoring product quality, to protect their interest before shipment leaves for destination.


Our professional inspection expertise enables us conduct checks with scrutiny according to the internationally recognised quality control standards.


During inspection, product sample size is randomly selected according to the well-known international standard: MIL-STD-105E, ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, ABC-STD-105, BS6001, ISO 2859, DIN 40080.


After the selection of product samples from the shipment lot, the inspection will be performed according to the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) standard.


AQL standard refers to the maximum number of defective that could be considered acceptable during the random sampling of an inspection. The Defects that are found during inspection are classified into 3 levels: Critical, Major and Minor.


We ensure AQL level is agreed between our customers and supplier before production commences.


How to determine the AQL for your products?

Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) sample inspection methods have been proven to be an accurate statistics over a long run. However, the quality level of merchandise at destination might be lower than that of the pre-shipment inspection result. This may due to the transportation process, product handling, humidity, temperature, or etc. We advised our customers to take these issues into consideration when deciding the AQL

level for their products.


Customized AQL standards are always welcome.

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We respond immediately to emergencies. 


For example, if a brewery contacts us to report that a conveyor belt has broken, we understand the importance of getting that conveyor up and running, we will focus on finding that part and getting it on a plane the same day if possible. 


With WENTITREL, Your emergency becomes our top priority

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