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Thank you for choosing WENTITREL T-Shirts. Our team promises to consistently deliver quality, value and innovation at a price that meets the challenges of today's marketplace. We specialize in comfort fabrics in various styles and silhouettes complimented by an industry-leading color palette for youth and adults. Global sustainability is a priority at Delta. As part of this commitment we have one of the few products made from recycled polyester. We are committed to making top-quality T-shirts with an unmatched printability for screen printers and promotional product suppliers. 

Behind every successful brand, stands a reliable manufacturer. Loyal clients appreciate our thorough understanding of their commercial objectives and how to meet them, while new clients can be assured with our experience and our drive to help you succeed.

-We have spent years building the right connections with foreign factories. This allows you to deal with a British company, without the expensive labour costs you would expect.

-We strive to give you a five star service, from communication to the finished product. We aim to delivery every part of our service to an incredibly high standard.

-If you are planning on starting a brand, look no further. We offer a great value for money package to help you get

your brand off to a good start.

-We accept payment through bank transfer, cheque payment or through paypal with an additional 5% charge.


As a partner in a clothing brand, our biggest hurdle to overcome when we started our brand was finding the right manufacturer. This involved a lot of money, time, stress and travelling. By opening this company, I can take this hurdle away from other brands, Leaving you focus on making profit.

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After the first sample has been confirmed, we will produce the bulk order, your garments will then go through our rigorous quality control procedures before being packaged.




Once we have finalised your design and measurements we will get our factory to produce the first sample. Once your sample is completed your sample will be sent to you for checking.


The garments will then be send through tracked courier to your preferred address. Using airfreight services for the quickest possible delivery times.

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