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Specialty Valves

WENTITREL proudly offers specialty valves as part of our comprehensive product list. The WENTITREL Valve Brand is in service in over 20 countries in the oil & gas, chemical, and hydropower industries. This line includes various types of Specialty Valves, as well as Lubricated Pressure Balanced Plug Valves, Globe and Swing Check Valves, Floating and Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, and Conduit Pipeline Gate Valves.

WENTITREL Valves has over 10 years of valve manufacturing success which guarantees valves that will operate smoothly and provide many years of reliable service. We are an API 6A and API 6D Monogram License holder.

We manufacture severe service specialty valves such as:

  • Metal Seated Ball Valves

  • Solids Proof Ball Valves

  • Sub-Sea Service Valves

  • High Temperature Switching Valves

  • Cryogenic Service Valves

  • Main Boarding Valves

WENTITREL Specialty Valves are available in all ANSI and API pressure classes and virtually any metallurgy required by our customers. Our valves can accommodate the most ordinary and extraordinary requirements.

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