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Deep Cycle Gel VRLA Battery 

FCDG Series 6V,12V

WENTITREL SOLAR , one of the most trusted names in deep cycle battery technology and the major deep cycle battery manufacturer in China, also offers gel VRLA batteries. The industrial battery we supply is definitely maintenance-free and requires no addition of water. It provides customers durable runtime and battery life for the most demanding applications.

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Mainland, China

  • Usage: Solar energy

  • VRLA Type: VRLA

  • Min Weight: 8.4kg

  • Charge time: more than 800 times


  • Voltage: 6/12 V

  • Min Size: 165*126*174

  • Nominal Capacity: 24ah-420ah

  • Battery: Deep Cycle Battery

Product Features of Industrial Battery

1. This energy storage battery utilizes gel electrolyte technology. The uniformly distributed gel electrolyte is made by mixing sulfuric acid with silica fume;
2. The electrolyte can hold the battery plates securely in an immobile gel;
3. Radial grid design offers this power storage device excellent discharge performance;
4. Due to 4BS lead paste technology, our deep cycle gel battery provides long lasting service life;
5. Employing unique grid alloy, special gel formulation and distinct positive and negative lead paste ratio, the maintenance free battery boasts outstanding deep cycle service performance and over discharge recovery ability;
6. Completely manufactured from high purity raw materials, MUST SOLAR deep cycle battery has extremely low self discharge;
7. Gas recombination technology ensures excellent seal reaction efficiency, thus delivering no pollution such as acid mist to the environment;
8. The gel VRLA battery boasts reliable sealing technology which enables security seal performance.

Applications of Deep Cycle Gel VRLA Battery

1. Solar energy and wind energy system;
2. As golf cart battery, wheelchair battery and electric car battery;
3. Electric tools;
4. For other fields.

Deep Cycle Battery, Gel VRLA Battery mainly for Solar Energy Generating System


  •  Solar Inverter

  •  Solar Charge Controller

  •  Power Inverter

  •  Solar Battery

  •  Monocrystalline Solar Panel

  •  Polycrystalline Solar Panel

  •  Solar System

Our Office

Room 1703, Shuang Le Plaza, Ou Pu Yang,Lucheng District. Wenzhou - Zhejiang Province.



Other Features

  • Voltage covers: 6V,12V

  • Capacity: From 24/20HR to 420/20HR

  • Deep Cycle Battery, Gel VRLA Battery mainly for Solar Energy Generating System

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