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We are your one stop shop for all your purchasing needs. Our purchasing managers and assistants evaluate our numerous suppliers, negotiate contracts, review product quality and coordinate procurement activities, ensuring the efficient acquisition of goods at fair prices.


They advise our valued customers on the products to purchase, maintain communication with vendors, track orders and maintain accurate purchase records. 


Providing Advice

To ensure you or your organization purchases quality products, our purchasing assistants provide information on the various brands of products that are available in the market.


If our client is buying for a university, for example, our assistant may use his/her knowledge of stationery products to advise our client on the best products to use. When you place purchase requisitions, our assistant reviews them for completeness and accuracy. Lastly If a requisition is inaccurate -- perhaps if you order an unusually high number of copier paper -- it is our assistant’s job to investigate the issue before contacting with our manufacture.


Monitoring Contractor Performance

Our purchasing assistants monitor the performance of contracted suppliers. For instance, when a supplier delivers stationery goods, the assistant inspects the quality of copier paper, spring files, writing implements and other items to ensure they meet your specifications.


If some products are not of the required quality, the assistant instructs the supplier to deliver replacements. Our assistants keep us and our clients updated on the performance of various suppliers, often recommending appropriate actions -- such as contract terminations -- against underperforming vendors.


Using the Relevant Skills

To be effective, our purchasing assistants are organized individuals with a keen eye for small details and strong math skills also they use organizational skills to work efficiently with several pieces of purchase documents and verbal communication skills.

Our assistants are often in frequent communication with suppliers and


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