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Accuseal Steam Power Valve

Power Valves

WENTITREL Power Valves are designed for severe service needs and can be used in several high intensity applications. We will work with customers to determine the exact specifications for each application to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. Our in-house valve design capabilities bring a level of service to the industry not often seen in other manufacturing operations.

The power valves manufactured by WENTITREL suppliers are proved to reduce downtime and costs. They utilize a trunnion mount design and an upsteam metal seat to reduce wear and torque. To our knowledge, only 3 sets of spares have been utilized over the last 10 years. If leakage does occur, the top entry feature allows the valve to be completely repaired in as little as a couple of hours without having to cut out of the line.

WENTITREL Power Valves will provide years of reliable service and smooth operation in the most difficult industrial applications. Our products are manufactured and tested in accordance with customer specifications in addition to API, ASME, and ANSI standards.

WENTITREL® Power Valves are readily available in two trim options. The standard service trim utilizes an F22 body with ss410 trim. The critical service trim is an F91 body with Inconel 625 internals. Other trims are available for custom applications based on customer needs.

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