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Provide quality products through professional work environment to maximize profit in a socially responsible and sustainable manner.
Excellence: We do the right things right first time; deliver on commitments.
Customer Care: We adjust business processes to best meet customer needs and to ensure customer satisfaction.
Continuous Improvement: We pro-actively recognize business opportunities; benchmark and implement best practices; challenge status quo.
Team Spirit: We sacrifice own needs for the good of the team; Never undermine team efforts; Celebrate achievements;
Transparency: We speak up our mind; give positive and constructive feedback

Company Formation & Activity: WENTITREL Petrochemicals section works directly with 5 major Chinese Petrochemicals factories registered in the Chinese financial market. The factories are located in mainland and focuses its main activity on petrochemical sector, It is committed to implement high quality standards of production with a great commitment to preserve the environment, the safety of it's employees and society in general. The factories participates in many joint ventures with local and international partners.


  • To invest in the industrial projects particularly chemical and petrochemical.

  • To own and execute projects necessary to supply the company with its own raw materials and utilities requirements.

Main Products

  • Demulsifier, Philmplus, Ammonia, Sulphuric acid,

  • Sodium hydroxide, Calcium hypochlorite, Hydro quinones,

  • Gengard, Dianodic, Hydrogen phosphate.

Factors That Helped Achieve The Company Objectives​

  • Availability of essential raw materials; oil and gas, the backbone of petrochemical industries.

  • The strategic location of the company near sources of energy, raw materials and logistic facilities.

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