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Mercury emissions from coal-fired power generation, cement manufacture, waste incinerators, and industrial boiler applications are a critical environmental concern.

New regulations now require companies to address this issue, and WENTITREL can help you mitigate these concerns with our diverse array of activated carbon products specifically designed to capture mercury emissions.


Technologies & Solutions:

WENTITREL is an industry leader in developing activated carbon products for mercury control in flue gas applications. Our supply partners has 20 years of experience in the removal of mercury from flue gas, and we have supplied powdered activated carbon (PAC) to coal-fired utilities for over six years.


WENTITREL has developed a first generation of advanced carbon products that typically require less than half the usage rate when compared to a standard carbon.


Choosing WENTITREL products will reduce injection rates and treatment costs, grant you peace of mind regarding compliance, and ensure your access to the most advanced PACs available today. Our products are plant-tested and proven, and give you the flexibility you need for any plant size, configuration, and coal type to achieve compliance. Our technical staff will work with you to help select the right product and identify other steps that you can take to improve flue gas treatment performance.




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