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Check Valves

WENTITREL Check Valves are designed for large pressures and industrial applications in the oil & gas, chemical, and hydroelectric power industries. We will work with customers to determine the exact specifications for each application to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. Or in-house valve design capabilities bring a level of service to the industry not often seen in other manufacturing operations.

The check valves manufactured by WENTITREL are designed to operate under flow pressure automatically without any human intervention or outside controls. They utilize a hinged movable disc that opens and closes in response to fluid. As the fluid reaches the valve, minimal pressure is required to open the valve disc, allowing the fluid to pass. When flow has stopped, the disc reseats itself making check valves the ideal choice for preventing backflow. Optional mechanical devices are available should manual or remote operation of the valve be required.

WENTITREL offers a wide array of check valves that meet the standards of both API 6A and API 6D. WENTITREL Check Valves will provide years of reliable service and smooth operation in the most difficult industrial applications. Our products are manufactured and tested in accordance with customer specifications in addition to API, ASME, and ANSI standards.

WENTITREL® Check Valves are available in a variety of metals including carbon steel, various grades of stainless steel including duplex, and virtually any metallurgy required.

Standard Material of Parts

CLASS 150 - Cast Carbon Steel Check Valve

CLASS 300 - Cast Carbon Steel Check Valve

CLASS 600 - Cast Carbon Steel Check Valve

CLASS 900 - Cast Carbon Steel Check Valve

CLASS 1500 - Cast Carbon Steel Check Valve

CLASS 2500 - Cast Carbon Steel Check Valve

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