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Our Supply Partner is one of the largest specification aluminum Alloy ingot producer in the China. With production capacity in excess of sixty thousand tonnage per month, we maintain the highest quality in producing clean, gas-free ingots. Although we are a high-volume producer, we maintain the flexibility needed to meet individual customer specifications. Our line of alloys covers a wide spectrum of domestic and foreign types. Low-alkali metal content, in-line filtration, underpour casting and complete trace element reporting are the major advantages of using our ingot.


Our ingot can be custom made in sizes from 15 pounds to 30 pounds and bundle weight from 800 pounds to 2200 pounds.


Furthermore, our supply partner produces all alloys in 1000 to 1200 pound sow. A qualified supplier to global customers, as well as beinga supplier of secondary alloy to Toyota, Nissan and Honda since 1994.


Our lab is equipped with two optical emission spectrometers, one atomic absorption unit and complete metallurgical structural analysis capability.


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